Pros and cons of building a new house
May 11, 2017

Build or buy a house is the question that runs through an aspiring new home owner for months or years before they come to their final decision. Building a house has several pros and cons to be considered and weighed before one undertakes the project.

Firstly, when you build your house you get to build your dream home and not live in another person’s dream house. It allows you to design, customise and choose every detail of your house. No two minds think alike hence you will never be 100 percent satisfied by someone’s choice.

A new home builder can benefit from the building warranty which is usually about 5-7 years. I remember when our house had a major water leakage it was a stressful event but the problem was solved within a few days, under the warranty we managed to get our ceiling repaired free of charge. You also benefit as you get new premises and facilities that have full life span compared to used things. You also get to choose the type of material that you want for building and that is sustainable as some things are not visible for example nails but if not strong will have future effects. The Australia government also offers eligible first time home builders some sort of incentive. Nowadays it is easy to do your research, just look at the websites of builders around. For example, check out this builder website.

New homes are also much more energy efficient as modern technology is used for example installation of gas stoves hence this will reduce the electricity bill. Building a house may also be cheaper as one can shop around for cheaper materials at the time.

As people build more houses and the cities expand houses are being placed far from the CBD hence as a new home builder you won’t be able to get a place near the CBD. There are only limited places where one can choose from at a time. Building is not ideal for someone who has a preference of where they want to stay as choices are limited. It also not good for someone who wants to move in instantly as it may take a long time for the house to be constructed compared to built house where once the deal or paper work is done the new owner can move in.

When building a house costs are not fixed hence one may experience costs such as penalty fees from the builder, legal fees, extra materials and labour costs compared to a readily built houses where the final price is what only you are supposed to pay.

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